enfrplISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485 SA 8000
enfrplISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485 SA 8000

The FAB-ALLERGIC product line will soon appear in our offer, which will be directed to people with allergies, asthma or dust mite intolerance. Products will be made of anti-mite material, which has a positive effect on the quality and depth of sleep, it’s of barrier fabric, safe for people and the environment. This fabric consists of alternating microfiber, up to 200 times thinner than a human hair. The channels between the microfiber are several times smaller than the channels of mite and their excrement.

Examples of anti-mite, antibacterial and anti-dust products from the FAB-ALLERGIC range are:
– covers for quilts and pillows,
– mattress covers,
– sheets,
– quick-drying towels
– a towel with a hood for children
– masks for children and adults
– gloves
– pajamas

In the second half of 2021 the FAB-ALLERGIC range will be enriched with new products, including products for people suffering from atopic dermatitis