enfrplISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485 SA 8000
enfrplISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485 SA 8000

The FAB-MED product line offers medical devices and personal protective equipment.

Reusable surgical clothing for hospital staff. These are:
– gowns and gowns for the operating theatre,
– operating theatre sets of blouse and trousers,
– surgical blouses,
– surgical gowns,
– Surgeon’s caps.

Reusable medical devices are manufactured with fabrics that comply with the certificates of conformity (PN-EN 13795):

– polyester fabrics with carbon fibre added,
– Mixed cotton-polyester fabrics, which offer a complete barrier and great comfort of use.

Disposable operational garments. These are medical devices as well as personal protective equipment. They are designed to protect the patient and medical staff from pathogenic infections during procedures or operations. These are:

– the medical overblouse,

– the medical trousers,

– the medical blouse.

Disposable medical devices are manufactured from non-woven fabrics with a certificate of conformity (PN-EN 13795). This is S.M.S. 35 g / m2 (Spunbond / Meltblown / Spunbond) – a new generation 3-ply soft nonwoven. Thanks to the appropriate microbiological barrier provided by the Meltblown inner layer, it is perfect for the production of protective clothing, e.g. overalls, aprons, masks, caps. It can also be used as a filter element for specialist masks, providing adequate antibacterial and antiviral protection. SMS. It is very soft and easy to organise. It does not contain latex.

The range we offer is used in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and health centres.