enfrplISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485 SA 8000
enfrplISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485 SA 8000


Design and manufacture of textile products, including specialist personal and technical protection products, medical, orthopaedic and anti-allergenic products.

Provision of services relating to the preparation, manufacture, cutting and production of technical textile products.

We follow the principle “Quality First!”

The Fab-Style company was founded in 1998. From the beginning quality is our priority in the production process. In the course of our activities, we constantly develop, adopt and maintain socially acceptable workplace practices. We have modern equipment, computerized workstations and qualified staff. The company is prepared to manufacture products with high requirements in terms of control and production procedures. In order to strive for constant development and meet the requirements of the textile market, we have decided to manufacture certified medical devices, which obliges us to strictly apply European and national regulations in this regard. Since 2018, the company’s strategy has been focused on medical and orthopedic devices, with constant fulfillment of the mission of offering high-quality services and products. In order to ensure perfect organization, high level of safety, production hygiene, constant improvement of the quality of offered products and services of consistent fulfillment of our customers’ requirement, we decided to turn to ISO in order to obtain the following certificates:
– ISO 9001, which specifies the criteria applicable to the quality management system,
– ISO 13485, which specifies the requirements for quality management system (QMS) for the medical device industry.
Our goal is also to implement the SA 8000 standard, which is an international certified standard that encourages organizations to develop their own certification systems.

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Health First

medical assortment

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Relieve First

antiallergic assortment

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Natural first

ecological assortment

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Safe First

protective assortment

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Quality first

non-medical assortment

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